Thursday, October 05, 2006

Fox News 10th Anniversary Bash

So it's been a while, but after seeing the photos of Laurie from the FNC 10th Anniversary party last night in New York City, I couldn't resist some blogging. Courtesy of Jossip we get to see the full spectrum of guests and pseudo-celebrities like Fran Drescher and Kathy Lee. Great to see them.

Laurie and the other Fox ladies were looking beautiful as always. Jossip notes;

MSNBC-to-FNC talent Laurie Dhue – whose website photos need some updating .. from the 80s – tried, unsuccessfully, to start a pillow fight.

We must agree with Jossip on the Laurie Dhue website (great inspiration, not so great photos) and unfortunatley the pillow fight never went down.


At 3:26 PM, Blogger Maxwell Smart said...

Wow - a pillow fight would have been great.

Ahhh.... those legs.


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